Quadruple Lutz performed by Vincent Zhou

Quadruple Lutz performed by Vincent Zhou

Vincent Zhou, the youngest member of the US skating team performed a quadruple Lutz at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.   

The Jump

Let us begin by explaining what a quadruple Lutz is. This is simply one of the hardest jumps in figure skating. The truth is that nobody cared much about what a quad Lutz until Zhou performed it. According to Time Magazine, a quad Lutz is the second hardest jump in figure skating. 

To perform this incredibly difficult feat, the skater skates backward to pick up momentum. Then, the skater launches himself from the outside edge of one of the blades, completes four full rotations, and then lands on the outside edge of the other foot. Does it sound complicated? It is even more complicated to do!

Vincent Zhou performed it twice for the very first time in Olympic history. The athlete performed a clean quad Lutz, according to NBC. So this was history in the making. 

The Athlete

Vincent Zhou is a 17-year old Olympic athlete debuting at these games. He is not your typical teenager that loves going to parties and hang out with friends.  

After his historical debut feat he said, “For me, I feel like my age is just a number. I’m not a typical 17-year-old. I don’t go to Starbucks and order the newest frappaccino. I don’t spend my time vaping with friends. I prefer to stay home and read and reflect and just kind of do calm things that I enjoy doing. It helps me be more mature and feel older than I actually am.”

We can now easily imagine what the future holds for this brave Olympian.

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