Detroit Lions Signs Veteran QB Matt Cassel

Detroit Lions Signs Veteran QB Matt Cassel

The news is that veteran quarterback Matt Cassel had inked a deal with the Detroit Lions. Cassel will not come to a land of strangers; he has worked with the Lion’s head coach, Matt Patricia as well as the current Lions’ general manager, Bob Quinn. 

A Journeyman Quarterback

Cassel’s move to the Lions’ will mean that he will be competing for the starting position with Jake Rudock behind Matthey Strafford. Since his stint with the New England Patriots, Cassel has become a journeyman quarterback. In his last assignment with the Titans, Cassel only started two games in a period of two years and completed only 59.1% of the passes for three touchdowns, and four interruptions. His career passer rating is at 78.8. His move to Detroit is expected to shake up the Lion’s backup quarterback position by fueling competition between him and the other quarterbacks Jake Rudock and Alek Torgersen who are yet to start a game in the NFL.

Starting Experience

Cassel will bring starting experience to the position. He has started in 81 games with a 36-45 records since 2005. With the move to the Detroit Lions, it is expected that they will utilize his experience and get a good standing by 2018 season’s end. The Lion’s offense took 4th-longest to snap the ball in the 2017 season, and Matt Cassel is expected to bring vigor into the squad. Not long after the signing Cassel, the Lions waived Torgersen, so now the competition is between Rudock and Cassel.

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